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Haynes’ latest music title

Brass Instrument Manual
17 May 2013
Simon Croft, Andy Taylor
Out Now

The ultimate hands-on guide to brass musical instrument design, repair and manufacture

Haynes’ latest music title, the Brass Instrument Manual, is believed to be the first book in almost 70 years to be written by professional brass instrument technicians for players, custom-builders, educators and anyone who needs a comprehensive workshop manual.

Covering the entire brass musical instrument family, the Brass Instrument Manual is a complete step-by-step guide to maintaining and repairing everything from trumpets to tubas. There is also a section dedicated to trombone slides. This genuine reference book includes detailed instructions from top pros, along with many hundreds of close-up workshop photographs.

Aimed at anyone that seeks a real understanding of how brass musical instruments work, the Brass Instrument Manual starts off with plenty of fun diagrams and ‘science made easy’ techniques that make for an entertaining read. But further into this authoritative manual, it’s sleeves up and overalls on as the authors repair, build and completely remodel instruments and mouthpieces.

Going into the highest level of detail, authors Simon Croft and Andy Taylor discuss a multitude of topics, including variations within the brass family, modern innovations and the effects of different components on sound, tone and playing style – as well as fundamentals such as what the valves do and how a horn functions as a system from mouthpiece to bell.

This valuable guide to caring for and understanding your brass instrument is completed by detailed image galleries of iconic instruments past and present - along with each of the players associated with them – making it a true collectable item.

About the authors Andy Taylor has been making brass instruments since 1974, when he joined Paxman Musical Instruments as a trainee. Today he heads Taylor Trumpets, which designs and hand-builds trumpets, flugelhorns, cornets and mouthpieces for customers around the world.

Simon Croft is widely known as a writer for the musical instrument and professional media sectors. He was the co-founder of Playmusic magazine for musicians, and has written several technical books. A keen musician, he is also a trained musical instrument maker and repairer.

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