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Final months of Second World War remembered in new book

D-Day to Berlin The Long March To Victory
29 October 2013
David Edwards
Out Now

Published to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the historic D-Day landings, D-Day to Berlin – The Long March to Victory, offers a unique retelling of the dramatic conclusion to the Second World War, and the Allies’ momentous triumph.

Drawing on the Daily Mirror’s rich archive and written by award-winning journalist David Edwards, D-Day to Berlin reveals in fascinating detail how the bloodiest and deadliest conflict in history - which claimed more than 60 million lives over six years of bitter fighting - came to an end.

This remarkable story unfolds from as early as 1942, when calls for an Allied invasion of occupied France were first heard, through to June 1944, when hundreds of thousands of Allied troops came ashore on five Normandy beaches, and finally to May 1945, when the German army surrendered in Berlin.

D-Day to Berlin includes ‘as-it-happened’ accounts of all the major events including the disastrous assault on Dieppe in 1942, the historic conferences between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at which the final assault was plotted, the D-Day landings themselves and the fall of Berlin.

Stripped of the judgment of history, the reader is taken back to the War itself. There, with no knowledge of how events were going to pan out, the fear, the uncertainty and the momentousness of the period is captured in real time, with real emotions shining through the contemporary accounts.

For many, this was Britain at its proud, resilient best. D-Day to Berlin - the Long March to Victory captures the period like no other book.

About the David Edwards

David Edwards has worked for many national newspapers in a journalistic career spanning more than 20 years. Having started as a sports writer on the Evening Echo, Bournemouth, he worked for The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Independent and The Times. After a fascinating few years as editor of Eureka, The Times’ monthly science magazine, he then edited the official daily programmes for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is his first book. David lives in Kent with his wife and four children.

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