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An Edwardian Housewife's Companion

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'La Belle Epoch' - Edward VII's reign from 1901 to 1910 - is often seen as a time of endless summers and large country house parties. It was if you were rich, but life was very different if you were at the other end of the social scale.

The motor car was just beginning to flourish among the upwardly mobile, aviation was gaining momentum and electricity was becoming widespread in British homes. This was a time of great change.

The 'class' system was important to the Edwardians and is reflected in the newspapers of the day. Using contemporary photographs and newspaper advertising of the time, every aspect of this fascinating period is explored in An Edwardian Housewife's Companion. How did the Edwardian lady dress? What did she eat? From the inventions and the politics to how the Edwardians lived, what they bought and what they did for entertainment, An Edwardian Housewife's Companion takes a tongue in cheek look at how to be the perfect housewife. Seen through the eyes and comments of Mrs. Rowena Davison, a wife, mother and business woman of the day, a unique insight is given in to this 'golden era.' Below are just a few examples that illustrate how the Edwardians lived, some of which still apply to life as we know it today.


If you were entertaining on a grand scale you could easily use fifty pieces of cutlery, plates and glasses.


was being used by all families to buy furniture, not just the poor.


Edward VII was responsible for introducing our traditional Sunday lunch menu.


Obesity was seen as a disease!


Belladonna drops were used to enlarge the iris as a beauty treatment; it's a poison!

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