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DIY car maintenance on the increase


Recent research by oil company Castrol shows a dramatic increase in the number of car owners returning to conducting basic car maintenance tasks at home (up 35 per cent in the last two years). Checking tyre pressures, topping up underbonnet fluids and changing failed light bulbs are the sort of tasks increasingly being done on the driveway.

Haynes, the world's leading publisher of car and motorcycle manuals, has of course long been advising car and motorcycle owners how to save both time and money by doing straightforward tasks themselves.

J Haynes, Managing Director of Haynes Publishing, says: "Haynes manuals use step-by-step photographs explaining how to do everything from replacing a wiper blade to changing an engine. With the help of a Haynes Manual the simpler tasks are well within the capabilities of all car owners. In these recessionary times, DIY maintenance is a sensible way to save money and is often more convenient than taking your vehicle to a garage."

The research by Castrol also found that 62 per cent of British motorists are unsure whether they are using the right oil for their car, so it is fortunate that Haynes manuals contain detailed information about the correct lubricants to use, including the quantities required.

Haynes manuals are available for more than 300 models of cars, vans and motorcycles in the UK alone, from classic vehicles such as the MGB to modern cars such as the Renault Clio and BMW 3-Series.

Now in its 50th anniversary year, Haynes has sold a remarkable 150 million manuals worldwide.

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