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DIY car maintenance: "like frying an egg" says Haynes


Recent media reports suggest that DIY car maintenance is on the increase as car owners reduce the cost of motoring. According to Castrol, DIY maintenance has risen to 53% compared to 21% last year. Haynes, the world's foremost publishers of car and motorcycle manuals, has consistently highlighted the financial benefits of DIY maintenance and servicing. For many tasks, such as replacing windscreen wiper blades or failed lamps, doing them yourself is both cheaper and more convenient.

However, in response to a recent survey that some motorists are deferring routine vehicle repair, servicing and maintenance jobs to save money. Whilst it's inevitable that consumers are making such cutbacks Haynes are keen to emphasise how essential it is to keep a car maintained not only is for safety reasons, but the impact it has on its resale value.

Many routine maintenance jobs such as checking fluid levels and the conditions of tyres and the battery can be undertaken using common sense and, in any case, are fully illustrated in Haynes Workshop Manual. Each manual grades the task, such as a one-spanner symbol represents' easy, suitable for a novice with little experience' through to a five-spanner symbol representing 'very difficult, suitable for expert DIY or professional.'

Servicing jobs such as replacing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs and renewing the brake fluid are only given a two-spanner rating (fairly easy, suitable for a beginner with some experience) for most popular cars.

Haynes advises motorists to save money by doing tasks within their capability themselves and paying a garage to do the more complex jobs. It would also advise more women motorists to undertake DIY maintenance - a survey earlier this year found that nearly half the women asked claimed not to know how to top up their oil, check their brake fluid levels or tyre pressures.

Matthew Minter, Editorial Director Haynes Workshop Manuals, said: "There are many straightforward car maintenance jobs which all motorists should be capable of. They're in the same category as frying an egg, ironing a shirt or changing a plug".

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