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The Dad Manual


For years, Haynes has tackled difficult jobs and made them straightforward. Around the world, people armed with a Haynes manual have swapped engines, whipped out gearboxes and deftly tackled rusty trunnions. Now, Haynes has produced a manual for the hardest task of all - being a dad. No longer can fathers hide in their sheds or feign deafness. The new Dad Manual from Haynes explains how to involve kids (of all ages) with interesting projects and activities, how to encourage them away from the computer and even how to keep them amused on long car journeys or wet bank holidays. We could witness the birth of a whole new generation of perfect dads!

The Dad Manual starts boldly with the heading: How to be a brilliant father.

It goes on: If being a brilliant dad isn't about being brilliant or doing things brilliantly, what is it about? It's about expressing your love in different ways. Partly by having enough time for your son or daughter; partly by sharing their interests; and partly by sharing activities, doing things with them and for them. That's where this book can help.

And help it does. The variety of topics covered is huge - making things (such as a doll's house and skateboard ramps), skills (such as riding a bike and tying knots), sports (the simple rules that children need to know for popular games), kitchen fun (healthy food and drinks, along with the perfect roast lunch), simple fun (conjuring tricks, treasure hunts, secret codes, and magnets), growing vegetables and flowers, through to out and about (from birds and bugs to rockpools and stars). Every kid wants a go-kart and now every father can make one. In the Dad Manual, a simple design using wood is shown with clear construction information. The dimensions can be adjusted to suit different ages of children and the parts can be bought new or scrounged.

Planes are another popular toy. The great thing about the one shown in the Dad Manual is that you have to eat a pizza first - the plane is made from the packaging! If you're not hungry, there are instructions for making a classic paper dart.

Bravely, the Dad Manual also suggests taking things apart - but only when they are broken. A dismantled toaster or loudspeaker can yield a wonderful array of components to be used in a spaceship or robot. Belts, cogs, wire and clips can all be saved for other projects. Each subject is accompanied by clear colourful photographs or diagrams and written in a light-hearted, accessible style.

Well-coordinated dads will head straight to the juggling section. There's advice on what to juggle and how to make juggling balls and clear illustrations show just how easy juggling is! If children get the hang of it before their father, the Dad Manual suggests group juggling for the kids (while dad practices on his own, presumably).

As the Dad Manual says, having a kick about with dad is a time-honoured tradition. Playing football with children sounds straightforward but dads need to know the rules and the roles of players in different positions. These are explained. As with other sections of the book, there are also suggestions for places to get more information. In the case of football, children may enjoy visiting - the official site of the Football Association.

So there you have it dads of the world - no more hiding in your sheds.

Buy the Dad Manual before your children buy it for you!

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