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Crimes of the century revealed by Haynes

03 July 2012

Who wanted Jill Dando dead? Does Al Capone deserve his terrifying reputation? Was Donald Neilson “the classic psychopath of all time”? How did the Brinks Mat gang get away with £25 million in gold bullion?

These and hundreds more fascinating questions are confronted and answered in a new series of books from Haynes Publishing called ‘Crimes of the Century’.

The enthralling series – Serial Killers, Unsolved Crimes, Gangsters and Robbery are based on the case files of The Mirror and The People: a unique, 130 year-old gold mine containing accounts of thousands of crimes and the huge variety of villains who carried them out.

The writers’ immaculate examination of the case files brings every crime vividly to life; exposing the reader to shocking first-hand evidence, new insights and horrific detail. Each author casts a forensic eye over cases old and new, known and unfamiliar; illuminating uncertainties, exploding myths, and dissecting the minds of some of the most evil criminals of all time.

Serial Killers by JF Derry delves into the chilling psychology of multiple murder and lays open to the reader the thinking of people who do not share our moral code, who lack all empathy and remorse, who are certifiable psychopaths. Derry deals with an amazing series of slaughterers “whose despicable acts go far beyond any notion of decency, beyond your worst imaginings, and deep into the realm of horror”.

The book documents the horrific acts of Jack the Ripper and Ian Brady, Peter Sutcliffe and Vlad the Impaler (“if ever there was evil personified…”).The murderers names are placed in sections including ‘Stabbers’, ‘Rippers’, ‘Cannibals’ and ‘Stranglers’ – which leaves the reader in little doubt what’s coming.

Unsolved Crimes by Ian and Claire Welch takes a look at numerous unsolved homicides committed throughout the 20th century as well as some carefully planned robberies that still leave the authorities stumped many years later.

The book provides an absorbing insight into some of the most riveting cases of the past 100 years including the Black Dahlia, Julia Wallace, Peter Falconio (the UK backpacker who disappeared in the Australian outback in 2001) and high profile murders such as Jill Dando, Suzy Lamplugh, Carl Bridgewater and Gennette Tate.

Gangsters, also by Ian and Claire Welch, takes a compelling look at the dark underbelly of society where bootlegging, robbery, crime sprees, threats and corruption were part of everyday life. The book features some of the notorious individuals who ruled through fear and examines the background behind their criminal empires.

The fourth new Haynes title in the ‘Crimes of the Century’ series is Robbery, once again by Ian and Claire Welch, who employ a scalpel-sharp narrative and in-depth research to beam new light onto the masterminds behind some of the greatest robberies ever committed.

Along with the most famous cases (e.g. the Great Train Robbery) many less familiar robberies and burglaries are examined including art heists, frauds and swindles.

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