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Create your own wedding without breaking the bank

12 December 2013

As the average cost of weddings continues to soar – and budgets become tighter - it’s easy to see why more couples are abandoning the big-budget blow-out in favour of a more personal and less costly celebration.

With the make-do-and-mend mentality firmly re-established, couples are increasingly finding exciting ways to create a completely unique day without breaking the bank.

For some, however, the prospect of ditching the wedding planner entirely can be a daunting one, especially if you’re not always in tune with your creative inner-self.

The new DIY Wedding Manual from Haynes will help relieve those fears and guide you and your partner through each stage of planning and preparing your perfect wedding day.

Packed with creative suggestions, step-by-step projects, money-saving hints and inspirational ideas this book will help make even the smallest budget go far.

Freelance journalist and author Laura Strutt said: “Nowadays, bespoke weddings are top of the agenda for a lot of couples but it can be an expensive requirement. Becoming savvy at each stage of the process will mean budgets can be stretched further whilst still retaining a level of uniqueness.

“The DIY Wedding Manual covers everything from setting a budget in the early days to food and drink, the reception and the finishing touches in a clearly laid out, step-by-step format for even the most novice DIY-ers!”

About the author

Laura Strutt, author of the Haynes Sewing Manual, is the former editor of Craft Business magazine, the leading trade publication. She was the launch editor of Sew magazine, a monthly contemporary stitching title, in 2009 and continued as editor until 2012, leaving to pursue freelance work.

Laura has recently created her own DIY wedding full of craft projects and shares her daily creative inspiration, projects and craft tutorials on her website

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