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Competition Car Data Logging

A Practical Handbook - Second Edition
Simon McBeath
Out Now

For professional teams in all forms of motorsport, data logging has become an essential tool in the search to maximise performance from the engine, chassis and driver. Data logging equipment is now accessible to amateur drivers and constructors, and is a very cost-effective way of improving performance. Data logging revolutionised the ability to gain objective performance information from a competition car. The recording tachometer was the first device that could store a continuous record in an electronic memory, and it was a giant leap from the rev counter 'tell-tale'. Now competitors have the ability to log data from all manner of sensors on the chassis, suspension, engine, drivetrain and aerodynamics. Today's problem is analysing all the data gathered in the time available. In this updated second edition, the author examines data logging from the basics upwards, including the various levels of systems available. No previous knowledge is assumed - there is even guidance on choosing a suitable computer and how to use it before loading your data analysis software! This is a readable, well-illustrated guide to all aspects of data logging, it will appeal to all motorsport entrants and armchair enthusiasts alike. It includes techniques for karts, circuit racing, rallying, hillclimbing, sprinting, hot rod racing, stock car racing and drag racing. Author Simon McBeath is an experienced motorsport enthusiast, a competitor for more than 25 years, and a freelance writer who contributes regularly to various magazines. He also designs, manufactures and markets composite racecar aerofoils. He lives in Dorset. In series with Competition Car Aerodynamics, Competition Car Composites, Competition Car Electrics and Competition Car Suspension

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