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Can you really run? See how with Haynes

The Running Manual - a step-by-step guide
November 2011
Sean Lerwill
January 2012

Think you can run? Think again. Although it may seem that we can all 'run', there is much to learn, whether for beginners or seasoned runners.

In time to help everyone commit to that same old New Year resolution of keeping fit, Haynes will publish the ultimate step-by-step guide to running.

Published on 5 January, the Running Manual contains everything there is to know about the most popular way to get fit, with advice that can be applied to many forms of exercise.

The manual takes the reader through all the necessary stages in order to reap the rewards of a good run, whether running outdoors or on a treadmill, sprinting or long distance.

With chapters on sprinting, marathons, training, nutrition, kit, equipment, injuries and rehab, this is every runner's one stop shop.

It even includes sections on gait analysis, the central governor and barefoot running, which weighs up the pros and cons of this newly revived way to run and feel free. The book discusses whether we should learn from our ancestors as forefoot runners and negate the need for traditional trainers or whether we’ve evolved to rely on shoes and that’s where we should stay.

The Running Manual is lavishly illustrated with great colour photos, taken on location in London and New York, and includes numerous explanatory diagrams throughout. This is the how-to guide that will appeal to all levels, whether young or old, new or experienced, male or female.

The Author

Sean Lerwill was the author for the Haynes Royal Marines Fitness Manual. He has since left the Marine Commandos and is currently one of the UK's top personal trainers and a Maximuscle ambassador. He has written numerous fitness articles for magazines and websites, including The Independent, Men's Fitness and Men's Health

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