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Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle

The essential guide to preparing a bike for the journey of a lifetime
Robert Wicks Foreword by Grant Johnson
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"Virtually any bike can, and probably has, travelled around the world, but exactly 'which one' is always a lively topic for discussion among motorcycle travellers. This book makes choosing and preparing the ultimate adventure bike a whole lot easier." Grant Johnson - Founder of Horizons Unlimited

There is no perfect adventure motorcycle - it simply doesn't exist. Such is the extent of the debate about which motorcycle is best for the purpose that in an ideal world an adventure motorcyclist would own at least five bikes. Among the most important factors to consider as an adventure motorcyclist are your choice of motorcycle and how you best go about enhancing it for the journey ahead.

As a general rule, the tougher the terrain you are likely to encounter, the lighter and more agile your bike needs to be - but there are other schools of thought. On the one hand there are people who believe that a smaller, lighter bike is the only way to go, irrespective of terrain, but others take the view that bigger is always better - it is a truly fascinating question.

Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle is the definitive guide to choosing and modifying your motorcycle and has been prepared in conjunction with some of the world's leading adventurers as well as companies involved in adventure motorcycling.

Much pleasure can be derived from customizing an adventure bike and the exercise forms a vital part of your pre-trip preparation. Modifications are essentially undertaken for ergonomic reasons to enhance rider comfort, for protection of reduce risk to both bike and rider, for improved performance and handling, and ultimately for a better all-round riding experience.

All aspects of motorcycle preparation and modification are covered in detail; with picture-led informative text and step-by-step instructions including motorcycle equipment and accessories, luggage systems, and personal gear and equipment. Building the Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle also includes 12 useful bike and rider profiles, two in-depth real-world case studies that provide extensive detail for aspiring adventurers, and the most comprehensive reference guide ever compiled on the subject of adventure motorcycling.

The author

Robert Wicks has written two books for Haynes - the acclaimed Adventure Motorcycling and co-author of Adventure Riding Techniques. His passion for the pastime of adventure motorcycling and travel has seen him visit more than 50 countries, many of them on two wheels. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for the Powerboat P1 World Championship. He lives in Berkshire.

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