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Build Your Own Sports Car on a budget

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Chris Gibbs (Haynes Publishing)
Out Now

Many people dream of owning a sports car to drive during that rare sunny weekend, but how do you justify the expense of a second car? There is a great tradition in Britain for building "specials"- cars built using just the ingenuity of the builder, donor parts from redundant cars and whatever materials are to hand. Cheap, but sporty, two-seat roadsters were commonplace in the post-war "golden age", and even led to the creation of the very first Haynes publication - Building a 750 Special - written by Haynes Publishing Chairman, John Haynes OBE, in 1956.

Many people think that the days of the affordable sports car are at an end, but this fantastic new book proves that with a little ingenuity, perseverance and application, it's still possible to get a stunning two-seat roadster on the road without breaking the bank.

This all-colour practical book provides all the information needed to build a two-seater, open-top sports car, the fabulous Haynes Roadster, on a budget, using standard tools, basic skills and low-cost materials. The down-to-earth text, with the aid of colour illustrations and CAD drawings clearly explains each step along the road to producing a well-engineered, high-performance sports car, providing a learning experience in engineering and design - and opening up a whole new world of motoring.

Author Chris Gibbs is Vice Secretary and Technical Adviser of the Locost Car Club. He first built his own sports car between 1997 and 1999, and has used the practical and technical experience gained since to design the all-new car featured in this book. He lives in Sheffield.

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