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Build Your Own Electric Guitar with Haynes

Build Your Own Electric Guitar
8th January 2013
Paul Balmer Foreword by Brian May of Queen
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Brian May CBE - “The ‘Red Special’ I play was an experiment really… we built it because we couldn’t afford ‘a real one’ and also it could be something no-one else had.”

In an ever-expanding list of Haynes Manuals covering musical instruments, Build Your Own Electric Guitar brings the unique ‘Build Your Own’ approach to the celebrated ‘S-type’ electric guitar.

Tough economic times mean it has never been more tempting to put together your own individual guitar. This easy-to-use step-by-step guide shows both novice and experienced guitarists how to build a tailor-made instrument for far less than the cost of a ‘custom-built’ equivalent.

Today, the internet offers unprecedented access to the world’s best materials, though few of us have the specialist routing and shaping tools to start from scratch. Fully illustrated, Build Your Own Electric Guitar shows how to use good-quality pre-finished components (or a raw, unfinished neck and body if you have access to spraying facilities), together with suitable hardware to build your dream ‘S’-type.

As well as offering his top tips and guidance on sourcing parts, author Paul Balmer has teamed up with expert luthiers John Diggins and Andrew Guyton, who between them have built guitars for Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Mark King of Level 42, Roy Orbison and Brian May.

With a detailed look at four project guitars built especially for this book, and case studies on possibly the world’s most celebrated homebuilt guitar – Brian May’s ‘Red Special’ – as well as Bo Diddley’s ‘Cigar Box’, Build Your Own Electric Guitar provides all the information necessary to create a unique instrument that is satisfying to build and play.

The Author

Paul Balmer, author of nine Haynes guitar Manuals, including Fender Stratocaster Manual and Gibson Les Paul Manual, is the son of dance band drummer Bill Balmer. Paul played drums from the age of 11 in the Liverpool Merseybeat boom of the 1960s and has worked with guitars for 50 years. He built many of his instruments from bits and pieces and, having no other option, did his own maintenance. He lives in Northamptonshire.

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