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Books offer new insights into the crimes of infamous murderers

08 July 2014
3 July 2014

Author Claire Welch has delved into thousands of hours of investigative journalism to write a trio of books that offer fresh insights into some of the most horrific and brutal crimes ever committed.

Crimes of the Century: Cannibal Killers brings to light stories of cannibal killers, such as Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal who killed three sex workers in 2010, Jeffrey Dahmer, the man responsible for the deaths of 17 young men and known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, and Armin Meiwes, who advertised on the internet for a willing victim to be slaughtered and consumed in 2001.

Author Claire Welch said: “In Crimes of the Century: Cannibal Killers, I take a look at the minds and crimes of some of the world’s worst cannibal murderers. Why do these heinous killers eat the body parts of their victims? My research discovers the true depths of depravity of these deadly perpetrators.”

Crimes of the Century: Britain’s Most Depraved Killers takes a look at notorious murderers including: Jack Huxley, who killed a family relative after watching hard core pornography for hours on end; Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer who killed two innocent schoolgirls; and Robert Black, the serial killer who murdered at least four young girls, and is suspected of the murder of many more.

Claire explained: “My research looks at what it is that drives a person to kill and just how these perpetrators blend into society before they are caught. What happened to these killers’ moral codes? Do they understand right and wrong? I seek to answer these questions and more as I delve into the stories behind some of the most horrific crimes ever committed.”

Crimes of the Century: Home Front Killers is a comprehensive record of heinous crimes that took place during the First and Second World Wars. The conflicts had a huge impact on every aspect of British life and this book looks back on the criminal activities that took place on British soil and led to the emergence of a criminal underworld.

Claire said: “When Britain was entangled in global conflict, horrendous crimes still took place and a number of criminals took advantage of the fact the country’s authorities were distracted in uncertain times.

“Crimes of the Century: Home Front Killers goes on a dark journey into the terrible world of these vicious murderers.”

About the author

Claire Welch is the author of multiple non-fiction crime books in the Crimes of the Century series including Unsolved Crimes, Gangs, Football Hooligans, Bank Raids, Kidnap, Robbery, Women Killers, Ripper Killers, War Crimes and Gangsters.

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