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Book reveals project that brings Second World War Churchill Tanks back to life

Churchill Tank Manual An insight into owning, operating and maintaining Britains Churchill tank during and after WW2
27 July 2013
Nigel Montgomery
Out Now

The unique restoration of a troop of Churchill tanks, widely considered to be the best British tank of World War Two, is revealed in a new book.

Churchill Tank Manual includes an account of the Churchills’ role in battles through much of the War. Based on actual restorations, archive research and interviews with veterans, the book presents a meticulously detailed and extensively illustrated -insight into these iconic tanks.

Nigel Montgomery, who owns the tanks and is carrying out the restorations, said: “We are bringing these unique survivors back to life, to enable them to be used in films, documentaries and advertising, as well as for corporate team visits and exhibitions. In doing this we hope to widen knowledge and appreciation of the best British tanks of World War 2, and to pay tribute to those who fought in them. These tanks played an important part in our history.”

The Churchill Tank Manual uses superb period illustrations, as well as many previously unpublished photographs and documents to reveal the Churchill’s development, construction and war record.

The book looks in detail at the tank’s anatomy and armament but also explores what it was like to use, drive and operate in combat.

There are only a handful of Churchills in running order worldwide, and those being restored by Nigel Montgomery are the only ones of their kind running anywhere in the world.

The Author

Nigel Montgomery is a barrister who owns three Churchill tanks which he is in the process of restoring to running order as part of his Churchill Tank Project. He lives in Kent.

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