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Bob the Builder gets the job done with his own Workshop Manual from Haynes

Bob the Builder Owners' Workshop Manual
August 2011
Derek Smith
1 September 2011

Fans of Bob the Builder can now find out just how their favourite machine characters, including Scoop, Roley, Dizzy, Lofty and Muck, 'get the job done' in the all-new Haynes Bob the Builder Owners' Workshop Manual.

Fabulous full-colour cutaway drawings show what's inside all the machines in the Can-do Crew. Fun information explains how the machines work, what they do, and how they help to build and repair things for the people of Fixham Harbour. Plus you can learn about hydraulics, caterpillar tracks and more in the regular fact files, all with the attention to detail expected from Haynes Manuals.

Including a whopping 15 members of Bob's crew, children will be fascinated by the detailed drawings and diagrams that show Lofty's telescopic crane beam, Dizzy's cement mixing and Scoop's loading power, as well as all the technical info on the rest of the gang. You can also enjoy the fun of trying to spot Bird, who is always watching Bob and the rest of the team as they work, and is hiding on every page of the manual.

Perfect for little builders everywhere, the Haynes Bob the Builder Owners' Workshop Manual shows how Bob and his machine team work together to tackle a job and most importantly show that the fun is in getting it done. Brightly designed and well presented, the book will delight children and parents alike.

Bob the Builder first aired in the UK in 1999 and is now broadcast in over 240 territories and in 45 languages. It can be seen in the UK on BBC2, CBeebies and Nick Jr.

About the Author

Derek Smith is an Editor at Haynes Publishing and the author of the Wallace & Gromit Cracking Contraptions Manual.

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