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Back to the Garden with Mr Digwell

Growing your own & cooking it to make a little go a long way
Paul Peacock
Out Now

Digwell is back!

To generations of gardeners Mr Digwell is Percy Thrower, Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don all rolled into one. . .although perhaps not quite as smooth as some of them! His weekly cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror was more popular with gardeners than all the gardening magazines and newspapers put together. His down to earth, over-the-garden-fence, practical advice encouraged millions to nurture perfect potatoes or grow terrific tomatoes.

Now bang up to date, Mr Digwell has taken on board organic growing, bio diversity, companion planting and shares his information with his neighbours in a direct, authoritative way that leaves no room for confusion. If Mr Digwell says something you can be sure that there are three generations of gardening know how behind it, and when he suggests a new variety of fruit or vegetable it is because it's tried, tested and really good to eat.

Back to the Garden with Mr Digwell covers growing, cooking and preserving with recipes from as far back as World War II as well as right up to date. Patsy cooks the things that Mr Digwell grows in the garden, and this nostalgic, yet informative, book provides the best gardening tips, along with some fine traditional recipes.

Back to the Garden with Mr Digwell will make a wonderful gift for all those who remember his weekly gardening advice and his yearbooks that were the most popular gardening tool on the market year in and year out. It's perfect for anyone interested in growing their own, no matter what size your garden.

Author Paul Peacock is a gardener and writer of self-sufficiency and gardening books. He is editor of Home Farmer Magazine and presents the Allotment Channel as well as appearing on television and radio programmes about gardening and cooking. Among his latest projects he is encouraging local authorities to help their residents to grow vegetables.

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