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Conception to 2 years The practical step-by-step guide to babies
Dr Ian Banks
Out Now

The first edition of the Haynes Baby Manual was published in 2003 and was an immediate best-seller. Now a new edition, this time all in colour, has just been launched.

Although the models covered haven't changed very much, medical science has moved on, lifestyles have altered and new legislation on parental leave has been introduced.

If you are expecting a baby soon, have just had one or are still thinking about it, this new Baby Manual is for you (and that means blokes as well as women). Following a similar format to other Haynes Manuals - which have sold 150 million copies worldwide - The Baby Manual tells you everything you need to know in a concise style.

The author is Dr Ian Banks who has written numerous popular health titles, including the best-selling Haynes Man, Brain, Sex and Woman Manuals. He is also the author of the NHS Direct Health Care Guide, a frequent broadcaster, the president of the European Men's Health Forum, a practising casualty doctor and the father of four children.

The seven sections of the manual begin, naturally, with conception - including advice about contraception, erectile dysfunction, artificial insemination and IVF. Next is a section on pregnancy, with a useful 'bloke's guide' explaining all those things men don't normally like to ask about. Logically enough this is followed by a section on birth and what comes after, including up-to-the minute advice on immunisation and the MMR controversy.

A new baby brings life changes and there's a whole section about how to deal with feeding, teething, shopping and, importantly, dad's feelings. Then there's safety - how to protect your baby, whether at home or travelling. Baby illnesses follow, including advice on how to deal with and respond to a range of ailments as well as what to do in an emergency.

Finally, a reference section explains the Apgar test (which professionals use to assess the health of a new-born baby), provides space for noting the baby's service record - sorry, health check-ups - and lists useful contacts.

All parents (and would-be parents!) should purchase this second edition of The Baby Manual.

No babies were dismantled in the preparation of this manual.


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