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Astronomy Manual

The Practical Guide to the Night Sky
Jane A. Green Foreword by Dr Brian May Introduction by Sir Patrick Moore
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Astronomy Manual: The Practical Guide to the Night Sky

"Many new books on astronomy are now published every year, but I am emphatic in saying that Jane Green's is outstanding."

Sir Patrick Moore

When then senior officer Jane A. Green was persuaded by the captain of her cruise ship to give talks to passengers about the night skies, she never imagined that 20 years later she would have a book published on the subject.

But the dedicated amateur astronomer has a passionate belief that every human being should have the opportunity to understand what's 'out there'.

Astronomy Manual: The Practical Guide to the Night Sky stands out from the vast cosmos of astronomy titles because of its uniquely accessible style and its appeal across the spectrum of experience, from anyone who has gazed skyward at night in wonder to the highly experienced amateur.

This innovative Haynes Manual presents in-depth information about all the practical aspects of astronomy. Beautifully written with style and enthusiasm and extensively illustrated, the book applies the Haynes approach to a popular and inspirational hobby.

Lavish illustrations, photographs and diagrams help unravel the mysteries of our Solar System, supported by detailed explanations in accessible, lively language. As well as providing information and statistics on planets, other solar systems, our Galaxy, intergalactic space and astronomical events, Astronomy Manual also looks at the tools of the astronomer's trade. Everything from naked-eye and binocular observing to amateur telescopes is covered, culminating with an insight into the realms of the giant land- and space-based professional observatories. Even the iPhone astronomy app is featured along with an introduction to astro-photography.

Dr Brian May says of author Jane A. Green: "She opens a new door for potential future astronomers to walk through. The Astronomy Manual encompasses all the newest discoveries in observational astronomy, and boldly tackles many of the most important current theories along the way of how the Universe works.

"I suggest keeping it around, to delve into, in those moments when we wonder what is the current state of knowledge of, say, the planets, or our Sun, or the local part of the Milky Way galaxy where our Solar System resides ... This book will give many future astronomers their first insights into the secrets of the cosmos."

In his Introduction, Sir Patrick Moore says: "There is a tremendous amount of information ... but it is easy to absorb because the text is so clear. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced astronomer, you will benefit from reading and owning Jane Green's book. It deserves an honoured place in every scientific library."

As author Jane A. Green herself says: "There are, in aggregate, more stars 'out there' than all the grains of sand on all the beaches on this planet ... and astronomers are still exploring."

About the author

Jane A. Green's interest in astronomy began when she unearthed a dusty old 1960s astronomy book in her father's study. As a senior officer on cruise ships sailing around the world, she spent many hours gazing at the stars and, as her knowledge grew, casual conversations with passengers soon became formal talks at the insistence of various captains.

Jane has been featured in the US Sky & Telescope publication and written for the UK's Astronomy Now. She also gives presentations to a wide range of audiences alongside VIPs, celebrities and industry professionals, including US astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Jane has built her own observatory by converting a derelict outbuilding in her garden in Sussex, complete with run-off (rolling) roof, raised viewing platform and an adjoining office - pictures of which, along with a practical how-to guide, are included in the Astronomy Manual.

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