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The 1950s comic strip that inspired a generation

Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Space Fleet Operations Manual
20th May 2013
Rod Barzilay, Graham Bleathman, Illustrator
Out Now

Dan Dare, the popular 1950s comic strip, which fired the imagination of a generation of youngsters and heralded the birth of hi-tech Britain, has now had its technology explained in a new manual published by Haynes: Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Space Fleet Operations Manual.

The comic strip, in which Dan Dare travels the universe to resolve intergalactic quarrels, was conceived as an antidote to the violence of American comics, and first appeared in The Eagle in 1950.

It was born at a time when the UK was on the eve of an extraordinary technological boom. Dan was at the heart of that movement and his adventures featured a host of creative and credible inventions. The technology was inspired by the science of the time but taken on a few steps into a futuristic universe of interplanetary discovery.

The Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Space Fleet Operations Manual is the first book to expand on information in the original comics and includes a huge range of information that has never been seen before, including brand new cutaways and diagrams of spacecraft, space bases and equipment, all drawn and meticulously annotated by established artist Graham Bleathman.

The key characters from the comic are also introduced, including Colonel Dan Dare and his associates Albert Fitzwilliam Digby, Professor Jocelyn Peabody, Sir Hubert Guest, as well as alien races and individuals, including the infamous Mekon and the Treens from northern Venus.

The Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Space Fleet Operations Manual arouses warm memories of a bygone era, where the UK was at the forefront of global technology and human space travel was still a great ambition of the future.

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