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Perfect Gift this Christmas

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Perfect Gift this Christmas

If you always have that one person in your life, when at Christmas you just don’t know what to get them a Haynes Manual is often the perfect gift.

We have Christmas wrapped up with a whole host of titles that make for the perfect gift for friends and family no matter their age or stage.

Haynes for TEEN BOYS

Haynes’ Millennium Falcon Manual, £16.99

Millennium Falcon ManualWith the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens coming to cinema screens this Christmas, and the Millennium Falcon set to play a starring role, this Manual will delight the most devoted Star Wars fan.

Essential reading for all Star Wars fans, the iconic spaceship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca is given the Haynes treatment! Using a mix of full-colour cutaways, together with other art and photographs, this manual provides the most thorough technical description of the Millennium Falcon available. Also available is the Haynes’ Imperial Death Star Manual, retailing at £16.99.


The Bike Book, Mark Storey, £16.99

The Bike Book Cycling continues to be a hugely popular sporting pastime and hobby for many, but how many people know how to properly care for their bikes?

One of Haynes’ best-selling Manuals, The Bike Book is a great gift for keen cyclists. Containing invaluable step-by-step guidance of all aspects of bike care, the Manual is packed with over 1,000 colour photographs and is an essential tool for every cyclists interested in maintaining their bikes properly.


Haynes for TEEN GIRLS

The Student Manual, James Thornhill, £21.99

Student Manual For the teenager who is thinking about University, it can be as daunting as it is exciting

Christmas is the perfect time to offer them reassurance and the support to enable them follow their dreams and ambitions.

If you have a teenager who is preparing to venture off to University next year, the Student Manual is the perfect gift, offering insight from current students and advice from experts, the Student Manual covers everything from money and studying to health and relationships.

It will not only prepare them for the life-change that university brings but also help them to make the most of what university has to offer.


Haynes’ Sewing Manual, Laura Strutt, £21.99

Sewing Manual The Great British Sewing Bee has continued to keep this hobby in the spotlight in 2015, so what better time to learn than over Christmas?

This Haynes Manual starts with the basic kit and techniques before introducing fastenings, embellishments, clothing and home furnishings, as well as debunking sewing machine jargon and advising on care and maintenance. Accompanied by step-by-step projects, this manual is a must for those looking to take up this hugely popular pastime.

Each manual provides readers with the distinctive Haynes Manual approach, with illustrations, photography and step-by-step approaches to a whole host of hobbies.


Haynes for DADS

Haynes’ Whisky Manual, Tim Hampson, £22.99

Whisky Manual Christmas is the ideal time for a wee dram of whisky, and this Manual is sure to warm the cockles of many whisky fans!

Whisky comes in many forms and flavours, and has played a part in social history for centuries. Perfect for the avid whisky lover, this fantastic Manual is packed with a wide range of insights from practical advice on how to buy and enjoy whisky, how to blend whisky at home, through to how whisky is distilled.


Haynes Desk Diary 2016, £9.99

Haynes Desk Diary 2016 For those looking for the perfect gift for car enthusiasts this Christmas, look no further than the new Haynes Desk Diary 2016.

Priced at just £9.99, the large format Desk Diary is in a week-to-view presentation on high quality paper, and features classic cutaway diagrams from the company’s extensive archives. It also includes appendices of useful dates and automotive-related data.


Classic Cutaways Colouring Book, £6.99

Classic Cutaways Colouring BookAs the craze for colouring continues to capture the imagination of grown-ups across the UK, it’s time for car buffs to sharpen those pencils and colour in some classics with the new Haynes Classic Cutaways Colouring Book.

A great gift idea for car enthusiasts of any age, they are sure to love putting their creative stamp on 90 cutaway cars featured in the Haynes Classic Cutaways Colouring Book, whilst also enjoying a brief history about the classic Haynes Manual and how it came to be. The Manual features a selection of makes and models from 1960 onwards.


Haynes for MUMS

Haynes’ Women’s Car DIY Manual, Caroline Lake, £21.99

Women’s Car DIY ManualFor those lucky enough to have got a new or second hand car for Christmas, this makes a great gifting partner!

From dealing with a puncture, replacing a brake light or doing an oil change, through to challenging a garage mechanic’s advice, this empowering Manual, written by a female car mechanic, explains all areas of owning, maintaining and caring for a car.